Come on an excursion to the Stone Frog Attractions

Do you know the Objects of the Frog Stone?

This tourist location is not far from the famous Bukit Lawang Tourism Object to foreign countries. The object of this frog rock is only ± 8 km from Bohorok Week or ± 80 km from Medan city. The journey is taken from Medan - Binjai - Pekan Bohorok - Batu Katak.

The object of Batu Katak Tourism was formed on the initiative of the surrounding community and the full support of the local village and sub-district government in addition to assistance from the agency of the TNGL Central Office especially the Bohorok Resort officers. 

So on May 5, 2013 with the notary deed Ega Kumala, SH, MKr number 2 (two) was born an institution to manage this Frog Stone Tourism Object with the official name of the Batu Frog Tourism Institute Forest Resort. Bintan travel Medan offers Sumatra tour package with effordable price till explore to Lake toba and Samosir island during 5 day 4 nights.

What can you enjoy and see in the Frog Stone?

Berkail river tourism in the form of rafting, tubing, fishing, swimming, etc. Cave tour.
There are many beautiful caves in this location with amazing stalactites and stalagmites, and one of the caves in this location is quite unique where there are rivers flowing inside.

 Observation tour of flora and fauna. There are various rare and unique flora that live in this location and are outside the GLNP area, including Carrion Flower ( Amorphophallus titanium ), various types of orchids, medicinal plants, etc. 

The fauna include Owa ( Hylobates lar ), Siamang ( Hylobates syndactylus ), Sumatran Orangutan ( Pongo abelii ), Sumatran Forest Goat ( Capricornis sumatraensis ), Deer ( Cervus unicolor ), Kancil ( Tragulus javanicus ), Long Tailed Monkey ( Macaca fascicularis) ), Beruk ( Macaca nemestrina ), Kedih ( Presbytis thomasii ), various types of birds, and others.

Culture tour

The village at the location of the tourist attraction of Batu Katak, the majority of the Karo tribe, has farm and gardening livelihoods. Tourists are generally interested in watching wedding parties with traditional clothes and various dances with traditional musical instruments. 

Celebrations or parties are usually held not only during weddings but also during the inauguration of clans and sowing the names of newborn children.

Bathing tour.

People who live in the location of this tourist attraction with housing conditions are still simple where the river is the main foundation of everyday life both for toilet (washing, washing, toilet) and looking for firewood and fishing.

The distance between the GLNP area and the residential area is limited by the extensive forest and community gardens. 

This community forest is a TNGL buffer zone so that the TNGL forest itself is quite safe from illegal activities, both encroachment and tree cutting, considering that in community forests there is still sufficient timber for the surrounding community plant on frog stones.
Some of the fauna that you can find in the location of Batu Katak Attractions outside the TNGL area:

Getting There

To be able to get to Batu Katak, you have to pass this route, from Medan? Bohorok Week? Frog Stone which can take approximately 3 hours. Public transport buses are available from Medan - Pekan Bahorok, then proceed with an ojek / RBT from Pekan Bohorok - Batu Katak. It is better to use a private vehicle for comfort in travel.

Where to Stay

As a tourist attraction, lodging is now available at this location. There are several homestays that you can rent at a relatively cheap price.

What to do

In addition to being able to see the culture of the surrounding community that is still traditional, you certainly can also tour nature and enjoy the beauty of the cave. Nothing, the natural panorama that is presented is truly stunning. For those of you who love the world of photography, it is suitable to aim at photo objects here. Currently available tour guides are ready to take you to the locations you want.

When to Go

Actually, anytime you can come to this location. But you should choose outside the rainy season for your convenience. Or when you bought Lake toba tour package ofcourse should be visit Bukit lawang, place where the stone frog located. It is not far from Lake toba to Bahorok or Leuser park.

What to wear

Any clothes we can wear during the trip as long as the clothes are comfortable and polite. One thing, bring a lighting lamp like a flashlight head for your convenience along the cave. As well as first aid equipment while you are carrying out tourist activities.


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